Temecula Valley High School boasts one of the largest gyms in the state of California. Set in a recently built, state of the art sports complex, the gym itself can house nine full-sized (40' by 40') wrestling mats. Additionally, the Temecula Valley High School wrestling room holds three full-sized practice mats. For the Battle for the Belt, the wrestling room is converted into a two mat mini-gym so that there is enough side room for on-deck wrestlers and fans to navigate. The wrestling room is conveniently located 10 yards (door to door) from the main gym so that coaching staffs can coach every wrestler without having to make specific gym assignments. For a more in-depth look at the facilities, see the highlights below.


State of the Art Sports Complex

Set atop Golden Bears Football Stadium, the sports complex on the Temecula Valley High School campus includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool, an outlandishly large gymnasium, and twin wrestling room and weight room that would make many colleges jealous.

Golden Bears Gym

The pride and joy of the sports complex, the gym can hold nine full-sized mats while still seating close to 1,800 spectators.

Full-Sized Wrestling Room

Sporting three 40' by 47' wrestling mats, the Temecula Valley wrestling room can accommodate 84 wrestlers on the mat during practice. During the Battle for the Belt the wrestling room is converted to miniature gym, housing two fully functional mats that are just a stone's throw away from the main gym.

Large Parking Lot

Housing over 750 parking spaces among the various parking lots, Temecula Valley High School can support all comers.